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NISPSAS Core Pillars
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Rauf Aregbesola
Abubakar Adamu Mohammed (MNI)
Abdullahi G. Muhammadu
Muhammad Babandede (MFR)
Dr. Liman A. Ibrahim MIFire.E, FPA, ICCA
Ja'afaru Ahmed
igeria Internal Security and Public Safety Alert System (NISPSAS) is an integrated and single mobile application developed to assist the Public access prompt response to emergencies and Public Safety concerns under the Federal Ministry of Interior Situation Coordination.

In line with the Federal Government’s Security, Safety and Counter Terrorism Measures, the Ministry of Interior initated the Ministry of Interior Situation Room (MISR) to achieve the following aims among others:

  1. Enhance effective joint coordination of emergency and public safety response agencies activities.
  2. Monitor and facilitate the degree of responsiveness of Agencies to distress alerts and emergencies.
  3. Constantly monitor the level of preparedness of all agencies for emergency.
  4. Provide needed-statistics for Internal Securityand Public Safety.
NISPSAS Capabilities
  1. Fire Distress Alert and Response Coordination.
  2. Prevent the use of fire extinguishers for drug trafficking, bomb manufaturing and concealment as well as the proliferation of small and light arms.
  3. Medical Alerts and Joint Ambulance Mobilization.
  4. Crime alerts and joint response coordination.
  5. Pevention of illegal motorparks and coordinate joint response taskforce coordination.
  6. Control the impersonation of Private Security Guards, Road transport union and association members and vigilante by criminals.
  7. Control domestic staff criminality using criminal records, conviction history and immigration status verification.
  8. Prevent the public from falling victims to online fraud.
  9. Provide a public opinion feedback platform on Government policy and advice.
  10. Provide needed data for intelligence analysis and policy direction.
Ministry of Interior Situation Room (MISR)

The Ministry of Interior Situation Room Consists of:

Agencies Coordination Platform: Here, the representatives of the agencies under the Ministry of Interior (such as: The Nigerian Police, The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Federal Fire Service, The Nigerian Immigration Service and the Nigerian Correctional Service) supervice their respective concerns as relating to their agencies at the MISR Center from the Monitoring Dashboard Sofware. Through this Monitoring Dashbord software, alerts from the public are monitored simulteanously.

The Nigerian Internal Security and Public Safety Alert System (NISPSAS) platform which is a combined mobile app for all Agencies under the Ministry of Interior.

The NISPSAS App assists the Public to report distress incidents such as fire, medical emergencies, crime and Accident emergencies. The Public interacts with the mobile application by pressing the corresponding panic button. Similarly, the Verify button is used to authenticate the validity of Internal Security Identities such as National Identity Cards, Driver’s licences, and International Passports. Innocent Victims of road related crimes such as the notorious “one-chance”, assaults, and kidnapping are also armed with

NISPSAS mobile Application to verify legitimate commercial road transport vehicles by scanning the new mandatory Road Crime Control System (RCCS) Vehicle Identification Sticker or EN-Code (Electronic Code) Stickers pasted on commercial vehicles. In addition, the Public can avoid the purchase of fake fire extinguishers, domestic staff criminality and prevent the hiring of dangerous or fake private security guards and vigilantes etc.

How to Install NISPSAS