N-ALERTS is part of Federal Government efforts to provide adequate and prompt response to emergencies and safety of lives and properties. It has a Mobile Application dashboard for the public to report both virtual, audio and pictures of incidencies of Fire, Crime, Flood, Looming building collapse and Blocked dranages. N-Alert also provides the needed platform for election security monitoring by designated security officers, INEC and NYSC members.

Similarly, N-Alerts provides internal security identity verification platform on ICON mark 'VERIFY' which helps in the protection of innocent citizen from failing victim of crime and other public safety concern.


N-ALERTS Security Components

N-Alerts addresses threats to the Internal Security and Public Safety of all Nigerians. Through the creation of a reliable Unified Security Database, you can download the mobile app and register to verify and report threats to your safety and public concern.

Emergency Public Security

In critical life threatening incidents of crime, fires, medical emergencies, building collapse and other emergencies. N-Alerts has been provided as a medium to reach out for help. You can also call the national emergency number 112 or the 0800interior (080046837467) toll-free line for help.

School Security

The safety and protection of our children from external and internal threats at schools is of outmost priority of N-Alerts infrastructure.

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